How courses and project work
are evaluated at AAU


All courses given belong to either of the two categories:

  • Study Programme Course (in Danish: StudieEnhedskurser/SE-kurser)
  • Project Theme Course (in Danish: ProjektEnhedskurser/PE-kurser)
SE courses
The Study Programme Courses are abbreviated "SE-courses". The subjects in the SE-courses are general matematics and engineering sciences. The SE-courses may be evaluated by traditional written or oral tests at the end of the course or by a continuous evaluation. The evaluation results in passed or not-passed.

PE courses
The Project Theme Courses are abbreviated "PE-courses". The PE-courses are planned according to the Project Theme, and should support the current projects, i.e. they will typically be more application specific than SE-courses. There will be no separate tests or evaluation at the end of the course, but the comprehension of the contents is assessed in the examination of the projects.

Project work

The project work is examinated in an oral examination. The project group (5-7 persons) will start the examination with an oral presentation of the project in maximum one hour. After that the supervisor and a censor will ask questions to each of the students. Students will be graded individually according to the 00-13 marking scale.

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