Testimonials concerning Aalborg University
and the GPS master programme

“Reuters in London have identified the University of Aalborg as one of the best universities in Northern Europe,”
Benedicte Collet
Reuters human resources

“Denmark is a world leader in problem-based learning at the university level (Aalborg University),”
Arthur Andersen
Special Consulting Services

“Today we usually relate navigation technology to car navigation systems and to maritime applications, but the options span a much larger space, and in the nearest future we will see novel applications. Position technology will influence society and our daily life faster than we can imagine. At Euman we see position technology as a fundamental element in a lot of the wireless services future will bring, and consequently we will face an immense need for highly qualified candidates in this engineering and research field,”
Christian Hage
managing director Euman A/S

“The evolution of our modern society is characterised by an increasingly sophisticated infrastructure where information technology plays a very strong role. New applications based on GPS or next generation of navigation systems (Galileo) will require a thorough understanding among engineers of the various system requirements as well as the technologies needed to implement the various instruments and services. Significant challenges therefore exist in this fore front of technology. It is necessary to master the many involved disciplines from advanced electronic design over complicated data processing algorithms to complete system design and integration. This complete set of engineering tasks is easily understood also in terms of concrete and sophisticated system applications, wherefore it must be appealing to students that have an interest in seeing the technical research and developments used for practical purposes,”
Jens Guldberg
manager business development TERMA A/S

“Since I started over 15 years ago our line of business has seen a dramatic development, and the demands for landsurveyors handling modern electronic measurement equipment such as GPS have increased tremendously. Often we establish the main networks and carry out measurements by GPS - typically these years close to the equator where ionospheric disturbances are significant. That puts great demands on our employees not just to consider the GPS data as “black box” numbers. They need to understand the nature of the signals and the error sources. Also, we put much focus on the ability to integrate various map-ping systems with GPS so that on-line optimisation of maps becomes possible. For COWI as a consultant business, where infrastructure is a key area, the ability to think and operate in new terms within electronic navigation (including Europe’s Galileo) is an important qualification,”
Henrik Ussing Lynge
senior surveyor COWI A/S

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