Literature and other material
for the master programme

Books for the courses

Linear Algebra, Geodesy, and GPS by Gilbert Strang and Kai Borre, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, ISBN: 0-9614088-6-3

Global Positioning System. Signals, Measurements, and Performance by Pratap Misra and Per Enge, Ganga-Jamuna Press, ISBN: 0-9709544-0-9.

Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB by Vinay K. Ingle and John G. Proakis, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, ISBN: 0-534-37174-4.

!!! The text books are supplemented by lecture notes whenever needed.

Additional material

Introduction to Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering by Robert G. Brown and Patrick Y. C. Hwang, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 0-471-12839-2

Linear Estimation by Thomas Kailath, Ali H. Sayed, and Babak Hassibi, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-022464-2

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