The Danish grading system

The Danish grading system differs from all internationally known systems, it uses a scale from 00 to 13 - the higher the better. At Aalborg University this scale is used whenever grading is required (sometimes though simply passed/not passed is used).

It is crucial that international students get acquainted with this scale and being familiar with the definitions of each mark. These are given below. Notice that marks 01, 02, 04, and 12 do not exist! A mark of at least 6 is required for passing any examination.

Definition of the 00-13 scale:

  • 13: the exceptionally, independent and exellent performance.
  • 11: the independent and excellent performance.
  • 10: the excellent but not particularly independent performance.
  • 9: the good performance, a little above average.
  • 8: average performance.
  • 7: mediocre performance, slightly below average.
  • 6: somewhat hesitant but more or less satisfactory performance.
  • 5: hesitant and not satisfactory performance.
  • 03: very hesitant, very insufficient and unsatisfactory performance.
  • 00: completely unacceptable performance.
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