Studying at Aalborg University

Why International Studies?

Engineering students of today ask for more than just technical skills. They know that once an educated engineer they are likely to work with colleagues of other nationalities, and they want to be prepared for the international collaboration they foresee. For others, the explanation is simply that they never found the study course they looked for at home. Going abroad may seem to be a high price to pay for a professional interest, but students of today are not discouraged by having to face foreign cultures. On the contrary - they seem to enjoy it!

Students also want their studies to be fun. Quite many ask for student exchange even though they are fully satisfied with the study course they are following. They just look for a break from a long period in familiar surroundings.

Studying in Aalborg

The city of Aalborg, the 4th largest city in Denmark, is situated in the northern part of the country. Aalborg University was established in 1974 and holds more than 11.000 students. Education and research are carried out at the highest level within technical and natural science, social science, and humanities.

The study form differs from that of most universities. The education is problem-oriented, and the main part of the study consists of working on projects in student groups of 3-6 members. This is obvious at the first sight of the University - the campus is dominated by the numerous group rooms for students.

Every semester has its own theme that must be followed in the choice of projects and associated courses. Engineering projects usually comprise design and implementation of an electronic system. More research-oriented projects may include planning and execution of a small scale scientific experiment. Many projects in the M.Sc. programmes are carried out in close cooperation with research activities of the permanent staff or even with companies from the local industry. Usually, in the beginning of the semester, a number of courses are given. The latter half of the semester is dedicated for project work.

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