What is the Danish GPS Center

The Danish GPS Center (DGC) was established 1996 as a research centre at Aalborg University The basic motivation for DGC is to follow, support, and influence the technological progress of satellite based navigation. DGC has its roots in surveying, geodesy, mathematical modelling, and digital signal processing. The global positioning system GPS provides precise timing and positioning and has been a revolution for worldwide navigation, and as GPS receiver equipment prices drop and precision increases, the applications multiply vastly. Reinforced by the development of the new European controlled positioning system Galileo, the electronic positioning technology will eventually become a natural and necessary part of the modern society. Product optimisation and integration of this technology in many setups are inevitable, - primarily focussed on applications within infrastructure and communication.

The objectives of the Danish GPS Center are:
  • to follow recent trends and latest evolutions in international satellite based positioning systems at the system level,
  • to acquire knowledge about novel receiver technology; the antennas, the analog radio frequency parts, and the digital hardware for data processing and interfacing,
  • to build up an understanding of the appropriate digital algorithms and the computational aspects related to the execution of these and their relation to specified accuracy,
  • to develop and establish a useful collection of optimised software for post processing of GPS data with reference to still improving position accuracy,
  • to build up networks for communication and discussion of GPS related information,
  • to professionally assist small and medium sized industrial companies reaching for technical solutions involving GPS technology,
  • to establish and maintain international contacts at universities and companies,
  • to participate in international research and development projects,
  • to maintain acquaintance with and encourage the development of new commercially available GPS products and to carry out systematic tests for evaluation of these,
  • to generally promote the interest and understanding of the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Furthermore, it is a major task for DGC to be responsible for and conduct the Master of Science in GPS Technology (in English) introduced 1999.

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